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NHS FPX 4000 Assessment 1 Pledge of Academic Honesty

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    NHS FPX 4000 Assessment 1 Pledge of Academic Honesty


    Capella university

    NHS FPX 4000 Developing a Health Care Perspective

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    Pledge of Academic Honesty

    I solemnly declare that all scholarly pursuits undertaken throughout the duration of this course, as well as any forthcoming educational endeavors, will stem from my own individual exertion and original cognition. I commit to being the solitary creator of all tasks, ensuring they mirror my unique concepts and efforts. Additionally, I grasp that unless expressly acknowledged, paraphrased, or cited, all written content will be entirely authentic and not drawn from external origins.

    Acknowledgment of Peer Contributions

    I admit that appropriating any segment of a peer’s dialogue without proper citation violates academic integrity. Furthermore, I comprehend that modifying a peer’s work without due recognition constitutes an act of academic dishonesty.

    Responsibility to Uphold Academic Integrity

    I pledge to promptly inform my instructor should I encounter any instance where another student has misrepresented my work or the work of others. I acknowledge the collective duty we carry in maintaining the principles of academic honesty at Capella University.

    Guidelines for Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing

    When integrating direct quotations from a source, I will enclose the text in quotation marks, provide contextualization for the quote, and adhere to APA formatting standards for both in-text citations and complete references. In cases of paraphrasing or summarizing, I will rephrase the content using original language and sentence structures while ensuring appropriate citation within the text and at the end of my work.

    Exploration of Resources on Academic Integrity

    I am dedicated to thoroughly examining the suggested materials on academic integrity, which encompass:

    • Standards on Academic Honesty & APA Style and Organization.
    • University Policy 3.01.01: Academic Integrity and Honesty [PDF].
    • Strategies for Upholding Academic Integrity.
    • Methods for Preventing Plagiarism.

    Consequences of Academic Misconduct

    I am cognizant that any violation of the aforementioned standards constitutes plagiarism, a serious breach of academic integrity according to Capella University’s guidelines. In the event of identifying any instance of academic dishonesty, instructors will:

    • Initiate direct communication with me to address the alleged violation.
    • Provide an opportunity for me to present a response and dispute any accusations of plagiarism.
    • Impose penalties, which may include a zero score for the assignment or unit, a failing final grade, among other repercussions.
    • Officially report the violation to Capella University in accordance with established procedures.

    Confirmation and Consent

    By signing below, I affirm my understanding of and commitment to adhering to the aforementioned policies. I acknowledge that these policies align with Capella University’s academic regulations. Should any questions or concerns regarding this pledge arise, I will seek clarification from my instructor before signing.

    NHS FPX 4000 Assessment 1 Pledge of Academic Honesty