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NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 4 Advocating for Lasting Change

Student Name Capella University NURS-FPX 6218 Leading the Future of Health Care Prof. Name Date Slide 1: Advocating for Lasting Change Hello everyone, my name is ______ and I would like to welcome you all today to my presentation about advocating for sustainable change. The primary focus of the presentation is to discuss the health issues identified within the Jordan community and to present an evidence-based and comprehensive program proposal designed for these pressing health issues.  Slide 2: Introduction to Health Concerns  To provide a brief background, a windshield survey, and an environmental analysis were performed, which we will cover later in the presentation, they revealed mental health issues among adolescents, opioid addiction among children, poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyle within the population, and lack of health insurance coverage and increased healthcare costs as some of the highlighting health concerns within the community.  Slide 3: Key Stakeholders The key stakeholders of today’s presentation belong to a diverse group of professionals and leaders from within the community. These include: Once again, I appreciate your presence in this presentation today to work together in making Jordan a healthier place to live and improve the quality of lives of our people.  Slide 4: Social Determinants Affecting the Health of the Community  Next, we will discuss the social determinants (SDH) defining the Jordan community. These factors have a significant impact on the health outcomes of the population. Social determinants of health (SDH) are defined as factors that are non-medical and present an influence on the health of an individual or community. They are factors that include demographics, environmental considerations, and external policies and systems (World Health Organization, n.d.). As per our survey and environmental analysis, age, diverse population, economic instability, and lack of healthcare accessibility are some of the SDH that lead to health issues.  NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 4 Advocating for Lasting Change The health initiative proposed in this project primarily focuses on alleviating these risk factors by providing and generating enough financial resources for the community and educating the importance of improving health outcomes to our community members.  Slide 5: Synopsis of the Windshield Survey and Environmental Analysis As shared earlier, we conducted a windshield surgery and environmental analysis to identify the health issues which are primary concerns of this project. The comprehensive tools helped us identify strengths and areas of improvement in the community.  Positive Aspects  The Jordan town has various recreational parks, educational centers, and worship places which are beneficial for improving the community’s health outcomes against the challenges. Although limited healthcare services are available within the town, they can at least provide primary care services to the population to prevent further delays in the management of diseases. Community leaders and the local population have strong bonds and showed resilience and support, which will act as a strong asset for health promotion initiatives.  Opportunities to Improve Some of the areas of improvement include health awareness, inclusion of nutritional food in shelters and restaurants, introducing health curricula in schools, and growing healthcare facilities within the town. These improvement areas require the effective collaboration of all the stakeholders present today to ensure that we can make sustainable changes and improve our community’s quality of life and well-being.   Slide 6: Change Proposal Outline The overall change proposal that is initiated for the Jordan community comprises four programs:  Slide 7: Need for Policy and Financial Support for Proposed Changes The initiatives proposed for the Jordan community are based on the findings received in the community needs assessment whereby mental health issues, addiction issues, poor lifestyle management issues, and healthcare costs are increasing the burden on the healthcare system of the community. Thus, it is important to develop policies and provide financial support in this regard to assist limitation or complete eradication of these pressing concerns from the community. A study by Pollack Porter et al. (2018) on the importance of policy in addressing public health issues, elaborates that policies are made based on evidence-based recent research for successful implementation of evidence-based practices within the healthcare system. Policies promote health equity whereby every individual is provided with unprejudiced healthcare. Thus, it is imperative to develop policies in the Jordan community as mental health disorders and addiction, poor lifestyle habits, and limited healthcare accessibility are pressing concerns due to limited healthcare facilities, associated stigma, and financial constraints.  NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 4 Advocating for Lasting Change Along with policies, healthcare initiatives require financial support for the execution of the plan. It is significant to have financial viability before initiating a proposal to see desired outcomes and execute value-based models in the healthcare systems (Shrank et al., 2021). Since our plan proposal is based on hiring individuals, purchasing educational and instructional materials, partnerships with non-profitable organizations, and awareness campaigns, it is significant to have sufficient monetary resources to effectively implement the program. Moreover, the development of rehabilitation centers and increasing healthcare accessibility will also require financial reserves. Thus, to make these initiatives sustainable and long-lasting, the development of policies, acquiring financial support from funding agencies, and generating revenues are crucial.  The underlying assumptions for the need for policy and financial support are based on leadership commitment toward the improvements, increasing burden on healthcare systems, limited healthcare accessibility, increasing financial constraints within the community, and the effectiveness of these proposed changes for sustainable development in Jordan.  Slide 8-9: Evidence Supporting Proposed Changes  It is significant to share the evidence that supports the effectiveness of our proposed changes in achieving desired outcomes. Within the Jordan community, the evidence of pressing health needs, as discussed earlier, was collected from educational institutions, community members, healthcare organizations, and our windshield survey.  Mental Health Program The alarming situation of rising mental health issues among school-aged children advocated the need for a comprehensive mental health program within the school. This includes the introduction of mental health curriculum and awareness campaigns. A study by Cefai et al. (2022) concludes the effectiveness of school-based mental health programs as it significantly increases social resilience and emotional