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NHS FPX 8040 Assessment 4 Project Charter Part 4: Poster Presentation

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    NHS FPX 8040 Assessment 4 Project Charter Part 4: Poster Presentation

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    NHS-FPX 8040 Project Charter

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    Project Charter Part 4: Poster Presentation

    Gap Analysis– Desired state of 5% or less than 5% skin cancer patients versus the current state of 7%
    – Gap = 2 percent
    – Contributing factors by survey: Untrained staff and lack of knowledge in the patients
    – The West Virginia University hospital can serve as a source to decrease the mortality rate
    Problem Statement– The problem is the increasing number of skin cancer issues in the local population of West Virginia University Hospital
    – It is adversely affecting the health quality of the patients, resulting in an increased number of deaths
    AIM Statement– To reduce the death rate of skin cancer patients
    – Who will benefit: West Virginia University hospital patients suffering from skin cancer will be treated
    – Patients at risk of skin cancer will also be considered in the program
    – What will be done: Prevention strategies will be followed, staff will be trained, and learning will be fostered in patients
    – Where the change will occur: At West Virginia University hospital Oncology department
    – Timeline: 1 year
    – The initiative will bring quality care by healthcare staff and increased life span of the population
    Planned Intervention– Proposed intervention: Training the staff, Identifying barriers and guiding patients
    – Training West Virginia University Hospital Staff through educational seminars
    – Educating patients to cover the body, wearing sunscreen, wearing ultraviolet-resistant glasses
    – Process for implementation will include healthcare organizations, stakeholders, policymakers, etc.
    – The staff will start working after training
    – Potential effects on population/process: Targeted population will be benefited
    – Disease risk will be reduced
    – Life expectancy of the patients will be increased
    – Healthcare providers will be trained to do educational seminars for cancer patients to guide them about prevention strategies
    Project Team– Executive Sponsors, and key team member, stakeholders, and team leader will collectively work to make progress in the project
    – Executive sponsor is a Medical Oncologist who will oversee the management
    – Team members include RN, Psychiatrist, Registered Dietitian, and Patient Service Representative
    – All these members will play their own part in lowering skin cancer mortality rates
    – Team leader is a surgical oncologist who will follow innovative and transformational leadership styles while treating patients
    – Stakeholders will work together to foster an environment to reduce the chances of disease
    – All these members were chosen based on their experience, professionalism, and knowledge
    – They will give their best to make sure that the project will get succeeded
    Data Management– Number of patients, opinions, and experiences of healthcare staff and clients’ data will be collected
    – Data will be collected by proficient auditor and healthcare staff
    – From day one of the project, the responsible staff will start collecting the data
    – Storage in password-protected EHR will secure the data
    – HIPAA regulation will also be followed

    NHS FPX 8040 Assessment 4 Project Charter Part 4: Poster Presentation